Tuesday, 10 January 2017

How to create your farming order

To create a farming order, log onto your account (You can set up your account by visiting this link) and click the Farming icon on your dashboard.

You will then see all of your listings both with and without farming orders. For an existing listing click the Create New button.
For a new listing Click the Create Listing Button on the far right of your screen. 

You can then fill in the address and property details. If your farming order is not associated with a specific listing, choose an address that is central to your target area, or use your office address. This will make it easier to set the target on the map for distribution. 
(Please note that if you use your office address, you can then choose the Create New button under that address for any new farming orders not associated with a listing address.)
You will arrive on the Template Type page. Click the size of postcard you wish to order.
You will then reach the Template Library. Take the time to look at some of the templates. You can click the Preview button to get a better look at the template. Once you find the one you wish to use click the Select button.
Step 1
Step 2
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Household Income
  • Property Type
  • Home Market Value
  • Length of Residence 
Step 3

You will arrive on the Template Editor page. You will see your images on the left hand side, and the blank template on the right. Click the image you wish to add and drag and drop it into the orange image boxes.

To edit copy, just click the text and a text editor box will pop up. You can edit, change or add copy. You can also make changes to the size, font and color. 

You can click the back tab to make changes to the back of the postcard. 

Once you are finished, you can click the Continue button or the View Proof tab on the navigation bar.

Here you can check your postcard for errors. If you need to make changes click Edit Further. If all is well you can make your paper and postage selections by clicking the selection circles on the left. Please note that in order to get bulk rates you require a minimum quantity of 200. Orders lower than 200 will automatically be sent via first class mail and a $15 surcharge will apply.

When your selection has been made, click Continue. A terms of use agreement will appear. It is important to read the terms to avoid disappointment. If you do not agree with the terms, the order cannot be completed. You can read the full terms here. 

You will land on the distribution page. On this page you will see a map, as well as a realtime tally of your current selections and quantities based on the map's  target location. You will also see the required steps to your right, as well as a reset button.

Our system will place the triangle target area at location of the address used for your order. You can choose to move the triangle by clicking and dragging it.The triangle can also be used as a polygon tool and can be adjusted to an exact shape to outline any area you wish. You can watch the recipients number tally as you move and adjust the polygon tool. If you have too great a number of recipients just reduce the size of the polygon or triangle to get the number of people you wish to reach, or to suit your budget. Once you are satisfied with the area, click the next button. You can also reset the map at any time by clicking the reset button.
The recipient quantity in the middle column reflects the amount of general consumers in the area. At this point you can choose to continue on with the general consumer list by clicking the Continue button OR you can choose to create a customized consumer list by clicking the customization option. 

When you select the customized list, you will see a filter selection menu appear including the following categories:

Keep in mind that these filters will reduce the amount of consumers in the area you have selected. Therefore, if the list of names becomes too small you can deselect the filter, or you can resize the area of the map. If you choose to resize the target area you could be going further out than you wish to, so it is important to consider the best approach to reach the right people. 

As you can see here, the selection of the Home Owner filter has reduced the quantity from 904 consumers to 769. If you wish to reset the filters you can click the Reset Filters button. You can also deselect the filter box. 

When you are satisfied with your list, click the Continue button. If in the filter or target selection process you have reached a recipient list less than 200, you will see the following warning:

As mentioned, you must have more than 200 recipients to send your farming order by bulk postage. Orders under 200 automatically go via first class postage and carry a $15 surcharge. If you wish to send by bulk, simply scroll up to the map and reset it or adjust it to hit the 200 mark and then click Continue.
At this point you have the option to request a special address be added to your list. This is often a copy to yourself or office, but can be any address of your choice. You also have the option to request that a certain address not receive the postcard. In many cases this is the address of the home owner in the case of Just Sold notices. 

Click the Continue button to complete your order.